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Expatriate Accommodation

Expatriate Accommodation

Bangalore Uptown Property is a notable name in the domain of real estate. We are engaged in providing excellent expatriate accommodation services to the clients. As an experienced real estate agency, we are also offering the best consultancy to the property buyers and sellers for buying or selling any type of property. Our services are customized in order to cater to different type of clientele appropriately. We are blessed with a team of experienced consultants who manage different types of properties to meet the clients needs and also provide Expats Accommodation.

Our Client Portfolio includes property seekers from the following cities or countries:Bangalore, Western&Asian countries, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, Philippines, Mauritius, Nepal, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, USA, Italy, Russia, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Austria, Romania, Ireland, Croatia, Hungary, Finland.

Our Specialization

  • Commercial Rentals
  • Residential Rentals
  • Sale Of Properties
  • Resale Of Properties
  • Expatriate Accommodation

Apart from providing services for sale and purchase of properties, our forte lies in providing the best expatriate accommodation. Owing to our significant associations with several paying guests providers, we are capable of providing accommodations that are equipped with the latest amenities. We have been able to develop long-term associations with our clients and property owners.

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